In the last decade there has been a significant regulatory development in terms of corporate controls and social responsibility. This has effectively translated into greater emphasis on corporate compliance, ie the activity aimed at preventing the risk of non-compliance with the rules, suggesting, where misalignments are found, the most appropriate solutions.

Compliance Aziendale

Specifically, the compliance function within a company must:
- prevent misalignments between company procedures and all internal and external rules
- assist corporate structures in the application of the rules
- prepare training sessions to adapt the staff's internal procedures to the rules
- coordinate and guarantee the implementation of the requirements required by the rules
- report the most recent regulatory changes in order to periodically update the relevant documentation in place at the company
- resolve situations of discrepancy between the regulations in force and the specific operating reality of the company
- ensuring relations with internal and external Authorities and Control Bodies.

Lexant assists and advises companies with reference to the following areas of intervention:
- Legislative Decree 626/94 "Safety at the workplace" -
- Reg. European 2016/679 "GDPR Privacy"
- Legislative Decree 231/01 "Organizational Model"