About us

In the path traced over the years, the Law Firm SLACC, founded and directed by the lawyers Anna Caimmi and Andrea Davide Arnaldi, is renewed, with a new identity and a new name: Lexant.
Two founding partners, a team of 20 professionals including lawyers and tax consultants, four offices in Italy, an extremely loyal client portfolio - composed of multinationals and SMEs operating in every industry - and a series of innovative services: this is, in a nutshell, Lexant's photography.
The constantly evolving forensic practice, the daily work alongside the clients and the flexibility of the Firm, which fits perfectly with the dynamics of the markets, have contributed significantly to define this renovation path.
Chi siamo
The evolutionary roadmap of SLACC before and of Lexant now, has been outlined in the innovation of the Firm's organizational model, definitely in a league of its own, in the sectoral expertise and in the achievement of the clients' trust.
The Firm, considered as a whole, is the key player and guarantor of the professional quality of its professionals: multi-skilled and flexible, who provide their expertise in a wide range of activities, both in the judicial and extrajudicial fields, with the ability to put, in every legal issue faced, a careful, specific and at the same time comprehensive vision.
The overall service of the Firm's organization is always growing - and better - than the sum of the individual services, but arises from the contribution, free and professional, of each person who is part of it For this reason, the Firm has found in the Lexant brand an identity so fitting with respect to what is its nature.
Chi siamo
Strength, industriousness and dedication, willingness to go the extra mile, power of collective intelligence, team spirit, technical know-how, resourcefulness, organizational efficiency. These are the values in which Lexant identifies itself.
Its success, therefore, cannot be measured only according to the standard criteria of the legal community - number of lawyers, offices, turnover - but can be assessed notably in its innovative mentality.
Lexant listens, understands and make itself understood: a simple modus operandi, in some ways courageous and certainly in line with its new identity.