Consult-ant, a company owned by Lexant, offers specialized consultancy and effective support in order i. to the sustainable development and innovation of the company and to the creation of value through the conceptualization and implementation of strategies, ESG, SDG and Circular Economy, and to obligations, reporting and compliance related to the extensive national, European and international legislation on sustainability, net-zero transition, innovative technologies, renewable energy, circular economy, and infrastructure as well as all the tools and products attributable to the sustainable finance ecosystem. of ESG investing, and sustainability insurance.

Consult-ant therefore assists companies that wish to embark on their journey in the ESG world, through the planning of corporate CSR and the transformation into Benefit Corporation. And it does so with the expertise deriving from significant professional and negotiation experience, and being a benefit company itself.


Our Support

Our Support

Introduction to the national, European and International legal and regulatory framework, and to the identification and development of the best strategies and practices, for the needs of industrial and commercial companies, insurance companies, banking and financial institutions, consisting with relevant sustainable development goals as well as sector-agnostic and sectoral European Sustainability Reporting Standards

Support in the process of acquiring certification as Benefit Corporation, and B Corp certification, in the conceptualization and pursuit of the company’s sustainable development objectives, and in all related legal and regulatory compliance needs

Support in the implementation of mandate or volontari Non Financial Disclosure and monitorino of related ESG and SDG indicators, for both industrial and commercial companies, insurance companies, banking and financial institutions, and professional investors, working in conjunction with partners pricing ESG related technical, scientific and environmental consulting services, ESG rating providers, etc.

Introduction to the national, European and international regulatory context, and support in identifying the best strategy suited to company needs

Support and transactional/structural consulting, in the area of sustainable finance, banking and capital market, responsible investments, and transition finance, i.e:
• ESG & Sustainability Due Diligence, and compliance with sustainability and environmental laws and regulations
• Projects for Sustainable Infrastructure, Conservation, Circular Economy and Urban Regeneration
• Transition/Net-Zero Finance (Responsible Business Conduct (RBC), Carbon Credits Validation, Offsets, Transactions & Derivatives,)
• Sustainable Banking and ESG&S Risk Management for the banking and financial industry
• Contribution to ESG&S Rating & Standards Optimization
• Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”), EU sustainable Finance framework, EU Taxonomy and related compliance

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