Special projects

The strength of Lexant lies in the team, made up of people with strong ethics and values, gifted with great humanity. Hence we propose projects and social initiatives to support Associations, people and realities that have always reciprocated the attention, giving us great smiles, human happiness and making us an active part in the achievement of health and education goals.


The Association promotes scientific research on rheumatic diseases in children and adolescents.

Established in Padua back in 2001, it plays a key role in promoting scientific research into the causes of rheumatic diseases in children and in deepening the knowledge to facilitate early diagnosis and effective treatment. It also provides information, help, solidarity and support to patients and their families, spreading awareness and understanding of such diseases.

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Born from an idea of Ask Advisory, the Association stands alongside various sport organizations to promote children’s attitude towards fun, well-being and health through sport. It also supports the “right not to be champions”: all children must be able to play and have fun regardless of the competitive outcome.

Sport thus becomes an educational tool, an opportunity to spend time together and an occasion for mutual growth.
Good Play Academy Sport also provides free of charge specialist support in the psychological, medical and nutritional fields.

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