Leveraging on the commitment, the projects and the relationships built and cherished up to today, Lexant has begun a challenging and stimulating path: in addition to embodying the values ofsustainability, security, ethics and transparency, we support all the companies that have decided to get involved in the same process, supporting an innovative business model that,combines objectives of profit and social commitment.

These are the common benefit objectives that Lexant will pursue and that it has included in its Articles of Association:


  • the promotion and creation of a positive, non-discriminatory,fair and inclusive working environment, aimed at fostering the full development of the individual and the group, by encouraging personal and collective training and development through the identification of pathways for human and professional growth based on meritocratic principles, aimed at achieving objectives and acknowledging people's initiative.
  • the commitment to support its collaborators, employees and their families,providing for an approach to work that is as flexible as possible in order to improve the balance between personal needs, leisure time and work;
  • the promotion of knowledge, culture and awareness towards the public, and not limited to the clients, in particular through the publication of newsletters, editorials and the offer of courses and webinars, in order to promote familiarity with and a deeper understanding of topical issues; the enhancement of relationships and the promotion of an adequate financial and risk management culture between clients and network, as well as more generally among those who do not have access to traditional advisory services;
  • the promotion of knowledge and dissemination of sustainable and responsible business models and economic/social systems, to inspire people both inside our Law Firm and in the outside world;
  • transparent and responsible management, to enhance the best relationship with clients and partners, and provide them with first-class expertise, professionalism, confidentiality, listening and understanding;
  • collaboration with non-profit organizations, foundations and the like whose purpose is aligned and in synergy with Lexant, to contribute to their development and to amplify the positive impact of their activity.

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