While managing a company, the probability of incurring risks, and therefore penalties, is very high.

By conceiving a dedicated Business Compliance that can identify rules and regulations based on hands-on legal experience, it is possible to limit and manage such risks. Lexant analyzes and then customizes a strategic choice, based on client's needs.

How Lexant can support you

Prevention of misalignments between company procedures and all internal and external rules
Assistance in the application of the rules
Training measures to adapt the collaborators and the staff's internal procedures to the rules
Coordination and implementation of the requirements required by the rules
Reporting of the most recent regulatory changes in order to periodically update the relevant documentation
"Management of relations with internal and external Authorities and Control Bodies"

Areas of activity:

ESG, CSR, Benefit Corporation

Legislative Decree 231/01 “Entities’ liability arising out of a criminal offense and Organizational models”
EU Reg. 2016/679 “GDPR Privacy”
Legislative Decree 81/2008 “Occupational safety”
L. 190/2012 “Anti-Corruption”
L.D. 1/2012 - L.D. 29/2012 (L. 62/2012) “Legal rating”

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