With a long-standing presence in Europe and across the world, Lexant assists in the negotiation and drafting of national and international contracts, from supply of goods and services to intellectual property rights, and to the full financial practice area.

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Negotiation and drafting of national and international contracts regarding distribution, agency and representation, general conditions of sales and Incoterms e-commerce and international data transfers, products and services supply, manufacturing, product & software development, supply chain, bidding and procurement, franchising, construction, project management, design & engineering, concessioni, operation & management, lease and leasehold, transportation, sponsorship, use, licensing and sale of trademarks and intellectual property rights and trade secrets agreements, as well as contracts related to investments, mergers and acquisitions, extraordinary operations, partnerships and joint ventures, international trade financing {e.g. international trade loans, letters of credit, receivables finance (factoring, forfaiting, securitizations), inventory finance, revolving lines of credit, pre-export/pre-payment finance, export/import finance, structured commodity finance, ecc.} (See Legal Areas, Financial Law and Strategic Consulting, Banking Finance & Capital Markets

Lexant offers representation in any phase and degree of litigation before any Italian judicial and administrative court, as well before the Court of Justice and the Court of Human Rights of the European Union, as well as in class actions and national and international arbitration proceedings. Lexant further offers its competent support as regards strategy for international litigation, assisting its clients as regards the choice and engagement of foreign legal representation, coordination and management of foreign litigation and lawyers in such foreign jurisdictions.

By a preliminary analysis of the dispute, clients shall be put in a position to make informed choices, also through the assessment of the cost/benefit ratio of the case when benchmarked with out-of-court viable solutions.

Judicial representation in controversies related to civil, commercial, corporate, environmental, banking and financial matters, credit collection, and class actions.

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