The world of labor has been going through a radical evolution for several years now. Lexant provides solutions for labor-law issues, strategic management and dispute settlement, as well as for business reorganization processes.

How Lexant can support you

Management and solution of labor-law issues:

  • Drawing-up of self-employment and/or employment contracts;
  • Drawing-up of special and/or atypical employment contracts (part - time, temporary employment contracts, etc.);
  • Drawing-up of agency agreements, mediation including financial contracts and business procurement contracts.

Strategic, pre-legal and extrajudicial management:

  • Individual and collective dismissal procedures, crisis management (mobility);
  • Redundancy fund procedures;
  • Assistance in the implementation of other flexible working arrangements.

Assistance and representation in disputes relating to:

  • Employment relationships;
  • Agency relationships;
  • Management of trade union litigation (proceedings pursuant to Art. 28 of the Labor Statute).

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