The Law Firm


Lexant represents the natural evolution of SLACC, a Law Firm founded and directed by the lawyers Anna Caimmi and Andrea Arnaldi. The Firm has been renewed through the day-to-day work of colleagues and professionals recruited over the years; today, they are a driving force and an integral part of the team. Our evolutionary roadmap has been outlined in the innovation of the Firm's organizational model, definitely in a league of its own, in the sectoral expertise and in the achievement of the clients' trust.

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Our modus operandi is bold in its simplicity, effective in its expertise, proximity and in achieving results.
Lexant boasts professionalism, experience, skills and features appreciated at national and international level. Such strength comes from a strong adaptability to the themes emerging in an ever-changing business landscape. Leveraging on the seamless exchange of experience and know-how among the legal professionals, the entire Lexant team is able to cover effectively various legal issues, both contentious and non-contentious.

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Through persistent work performed as team, Lexant has earned the trust of major clients, from multinational companies to SMEs and private individuals.
Lexant draws inspiration from ability of the ants to work as a team.
Law is our mantra.

We are scholars, pioneers, innovators in the legal world.
Lexant, legally yours.